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Silver Prints or Silver Gelatin Prints

The term is derived from the gelatin emulsion
in the photographic paper, which contains light
sensitive silver salts that react to light
exposure. All true black and white papers are
made with silver in the chemistry.

This makes all prints made on true black and
white paper silver gelatin prints. The term
originally came from black and white film,
which is made with tiny platelets of silver
called silver-halide gelatin. The same
silver-halide gelatin is used in making all
true black and white papers. All silver prints
in this web site are printed on archival
fibre-based paper unless otherwise specified.
Fine Art Giclée Prints

The term giclée (pronounced zhee-klay) is derived
from the French and means a spray or a spurt of
liquid. The word is thought to have been derived
from the French verb gicler meaning to squirt.
Giclée print connotes an elevation in printmaking
technology. Images are generated from high
resolution digital scans and printed with archival
quality inks onto various substrates including
canvas, fine art, and photo-base paper. The giclée
printing process provides better color accuracy than
other means of reproduction.

Printers used for the giclée prints in this web
site are the Canon 5000, the Epson 2000p, or as
otherwise specified, using archival inks. The paper
used is archival matte finish unless otherwise
specified. Wilhelm Imaging Research has rated
these prints at over 110 years.

R:8 C:1 R:8 C:2 R:8 C:3 R:8 C:4 R:8 C:5 R:8 C:6
R:9 C:1 R:9 C:2 R:9 C:3 R:9 C:4 R:9 C:5 R:9 C:6

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